Tumblewild – ‘When The World Had Four Corners’ out now!

Tue 11th, Mar


Tumblewild is what you get when you mix the cool urban country sounds of  Kula Shaker’s Alonza Bevan and the timeless vocals of Audrey Evans of the Mediaeval Baebes. Their new LP is out now!

‘When The World Had Four Corners’ features the single ‘Revenge’. Order your CD copy now from www.tumblewild.com or download the album via Bandcamp.com.

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In the mix!

Sun 10th, Mar

Mills-Second-sightFollow Crispian through a kaleidoscopic collage of music and cheeky soundbites and see if you end up where you started…

Crispian Mills – The Voice of Cassandre Mixtape (01.29.13)

Crispian Mills – The Voice of Cassandre Mixtape (01.29.13)

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New tracks from Harry’s forthcoming album

Fri 9th, Nov

Harry Broadbent

About a year ago, Harry disappeared into Alonza’s studio in Belgium to make a ’solo’ album. Everyone thought he was lost forever. However – recently, and by sheer accident he has emerged, dusty and confused, with some completed music. Check out 3 songs from the forthcoming album here: http://harrybroadbent.bandcamp.com/

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Order the Fantastic Fear of Everything Soundtrack now!

Sat 21st, Jul


Official soundtrack to the Universal Pictures’ feature film, ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ starring Simon Pegg. (”fresh and eclectic soundtrack”- Bleeding Cool)
Now’s the chance for Kula Shaker fans to own the soundtrack before it’s official release date!

The film’s collectable soundtrack contains:

  • 10 dialogue/ music clips (Simon Pegg and cast),
  • Original theme by Michael Price
  • ‘I’ll See you in my dreams’ arranged by Crispian Mills with Michael Price
  • Various artists: The Pretty Things (I See You), Europe (Final Countdown), The Incredible Bongo Band (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida), and more.
  • Alternative versions of Mark Pritchard’s ‘Uzilicious’ feat. Simon Pegg
  • Composer and Director interview (Michael Price & Crispian Mills)

Available now in the Boutique

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Contrary to all expectations…

Thu 15th, Mar

….Harry has in fact been busy of late. Check him out here:

…flexing his improv chops amongst some other fine London musicians on new instrumental label Trestle Records. In addition to this, the solo album he’s been threatening for so long is, allegedly at the mixing stage now so watch this space.

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Thu 18th, Aug


In September 1996, Kula Shaker released the fastest selling British debut album of it’s time. ‘K‘ rocketed to the top of the charts going double platinum in the UK and eventually going onto sell over a million copies worldwide.  It received universally positive reviews, songs like ‘Hey Dude‘ , ‘Tattva‘ and ‘Govinda‘ received regular rotation on TV and radio, the album made end of year top album lists helping propel the band to the dizzy heights of pop stardom. ‘K‘ is still entering top album lists even making it into this year’s Q Magazine Top Albums Of All Time.

In celebration of it’s 15th Anniversary, you can now once again relive the magic of this magnificent album in this digitally remastered 3-CD/DVD package.


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Thu 28th, Jul


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A message from Crispian

Wed 27th, Jul


Once upon a time, long, long, ago… I said I was going to make a movie. Very happy to finally be filming ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ with such an amazing cast (Simon Pegg, Clair Higgins, Amara Karan, Paul Freeman, and Sheridan Smith), shooting at Shepperton studios. Will know film website shortly and promise to send some pictures and news soon x

You can read more about the movie over at Bleeding Cool.

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A message from Harry

Mon 25th, Jul

Vibes II

Hello folks. Its been a little while since my last update and I hope all is well. Aside from battling through the wind and rain that this summer has kindly provided, I’ve been working on a solo album. A couple of years ago a good friend of mine left the country to pursue his career in the New World. Amongst the other detritus he decided to leave me with was his strat. I didn’t know how to play it of course, but ironically not being able to play seems to be a great facilitator for song writing. I started recording the album for real around Christmas time. The original plan was to get my friends to play on it, but by the time I’d put the demo guitars down, and started on drums and keys it wasn’t a big leap to push myself a bit and do everything else. I’ve always been a bit of a multi-instrumentalist (or jack-of-all-trades) and it was good to explore some of the sounds and instruments at my disposal. Playing everything yourself does however, take quite a looooong time. Completion is creeping up on me like a sunny day and I shall play you some sounds soon. In other news I’ve been listening to Tumbleweed, recording a bit of hammond for Goldray, hanging out with Crispian on his film set and playing drums in a new project called Swallowing The Seas. I hate describing music with words so I won’t, but watch this space. There’ll be an EP soon.

Much Love,

Harry X

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A message from Alonza…

Fri 1st, Jul


Order Sinnerman from I-Tunes

Order Sinnerman vinyl from Boutique (Ltd Edn. numbered x 300 vinyls)

As you might have heard I’ve been working on a new project called “Tumbleweed” with Audrey Evans (singer in “The Mediaeval Baebes” and female voice on “Pilgrim’s Progress”). Now things out here in the forest’s of southern Belgium move a little slower than in the rest of the world so we wanted to give you something to listen to during the inevitable wait for an album.
A couple of months ago Belgian radio station Classic 21 asked us to record a Bob Marley cover for a program they were putting together marking the 30th anniversary of his death. We trawled through his back catalogue and found ourselves drawn to the earlier pre reggae ska and Jamaican soul tracks of the “Wailing Wailers”. We chose “Sinnerman” as we liked the African American spiritual vibe plus we knew the Les Baxter version which is also pretty cool.
We put the track together here in Lompret with the help of Christian Gerard who played cello on “Pilgrims Progress” and Belgian drummer Marc Descamp. The 2nd track is called Motherless Child which is a song Audrey wanted to cover for the album. It’s another spiritual which has a message in keeping with that of Bob.
The video clip is just something we cut together from an old 30’s cartoon called “Bimbo’s Initiation”, it’s just a bit of fun but we wanted a way for people to hear the track.
Anyway the album is turning out to be a whole different thing but until then I hope you enjoy this.
Thanks for all your support and we’ll try to keep you posted with news from the Belgian front.

Lots of Love


You can also become a fan of the band over on the Tumbleweed Official Facebook Page.


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