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As you might have heard I’ve been working on a new project called “Tumbleweed” with Audrey Evans (singer in “The Mediaeval Baebes” and female voice on “Pilgrim’s Progress”). Now things out here in the forest’s of southern Belgium move a little slower than in the rest of the world so we wanted to give you something to listen to during the inevitable wait for an album.
A couple of months ago Belgian radio station Classic 21 asked us to record a Bob Marley cover for a program they were putting together marking the 30th anniversary of his death. We trawled through his back catalogue and found ourselves drawn to the earlier pre reggae ska and Jamaican soul tracks of the “Wailing Wailers”. We chose “Sinnerman” as we liked the African American spiritual vibe plus we knew the Les Baxter version which is also pretty cool.
We put the track together here in Lompret with the help of Christian Gerard who played cello on “Pilgrims Progress” and Belgian drummer Marc Descamp. The 2nd track is called Motherless Child which is a song Audrey wanted to cover for the album. It’s another spiritual which has a message in keeping with that of Bob.
The video clip is just something we cut together from an old 30’s cartoon called “Bimbo’s Initiation”, it’s just a bit of fun but we wanted a way for people to hear the track.
Anyway the album is turning out to be a whole different thing but until then I hope you enjoy this.
Thanks for all your support and we’ll try to keep you posted with news from the Belgian front.

Lots of Love


You can also become a fan of the band over on the Tumbleweed Official Facebook Page.


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