Alonza on the wireless…

Thu 12th, May

Hello folks, it’s been a while but there is lots of exciting things coming your way, starting with this…..

This Friday Saturday 10pm to 2 am (Continental time) Kula Shaker bassist Alonza Bevan will be playing a new track from his forthcoming music project on Classic 21 (a station available in Belgium and Northern France and online) as part of a Bob Marley 30th anniversary show. The song Alonza has covered is called ‘Sinnerman‘. Make sure to tune in for that….

A limited vinyl release of the song is also coming your way very soon…

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30 seconds with…Alonza

Mon 6th, Dec

AlonzaApparently, Alonza works so hard in the studio that he doesn’t even have time to take a quick leek. He still managed to give us 30 seconds of his time though…

So you took the helm in the production for Pilgrims Progress. Looking back, do you feel there was anything you could have done differently to enhance or improve on the album?

I’m really happy with how Pilgrims Progress turned out, there’s an endless list of things I would have liked to try out but that’s the good thing about making a record, when it’s finished, it’s finished.

If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?

Half a pack of green beans, 1 broccoli, 2 courgettes, 5 children’s yogurt pots, an assortment of cheese,1 carton of milk, 3 veggie sausages. a pot of mayonnaise, creme fraiche and a suspicious looking tomato. Oh, and milk.

Do you think we’ll be hearing any more Welsh accented vocals on any future Kula Shaker/solo tracks?

We saw Dai Leek the other day so you might not have to wait too long.

Would you believe in Santa if you seen him drinking coffee instead of tea?

I believe in Santa regardless of what he drinks however I’m sure a wise old man like him must prefer a nice cup of tea.

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