A message from Crispian

Wed 27th, Jul


Once upon a time, long, long, ago… I said I was going to make a movie. Very happy to finally be filming ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ with such an amazing cast (Simon Pegg, Clair Higgins, Amara Karan, Paul Freeman, and Sheridan Smith), shooting at Shepperton studios. Will know film website shortly and promise to send some pictures and news soon x

You can read more about the movie over at Bleeding Cool.

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30 seconds with…Crispian

Wed 8th, Dec

CrispianCrispian doesn’t do things on a small scale. The 25 foot tall Christmas tree in his garden being no exception. Unfortunaetly, whilst it’s easy enough to get to the top, it’s not as easy to come down. Hanging on for dear life to a short thread of tinsel , he still managed to shout down some answers us for his 30 second interview..

Crispian, it’s been a while since we last spoke, tell us what we can expect from this year’s Christmas single.

A marvelous mash up of monumental proportions.

You are now obviously involved heavily in the film-making lifecycle from start to end product. What are the similarities/differences in film-making and creating an album of music?

Well it’s similar in that it all starts on your own, in front of a blank page, and you build it up from there. The difference, I suppose, is that in order to realise a film you need lots and lots of people to all work together as a team. You could compare it to writing for an orchestra. As far as the business side of the process goes, it’s all pretty much the same, i.e lots of cliques, sheep, and egos.

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever held your breath and under what circumstance?

Trying to get my first film off the ground, I think I held my breath for about 8 years.

What next for Kula Shaker? When will the band be going back on the road?

When the band everyone is available and up for it!

The double A-side Xmas single ‘Christmas Time (Is Here Again)’ will be released tomorrow, Friday 10th December. Stay tuned!

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In depth interview with Crispian…

Tue 17th, Aug

Crispian gives an in-depth 7 part interview to faceculture.tv talking about the band, music, religion, reincarnation, family life and much much more…definitely worth a gander..


Crispian Mills interview with FaceCulture

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