Drink Tea (for the love of God)

Our ‘free Christmas single’ in 2007, the video and the track itself being a labour of love. (Well, that’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it? Giving, not receiving… and making lots and lots of lovely tea). We wanted George Orwell for the narration, not just because he was a T.O.F.F., but because he actually wrote a very serious article for the Times newspaper in the 1940’s about how to make a perfect cup of tea. Whilst we don’t agree completely with his rather rigid, and to be honest, quite dogmatic creed of ‘no sugar’, we still admire his pioneering work as a social prophet and old skool tea drinker. Good old George.

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  1. jupiter seagull Says:

    thanks for this ,as a yank i finally understand how you guys got like that. Keep up the good work !i have all your records and looking forward to the new album,namaste

  2. Drink Tea (for the love of God) Tea Says:

    [...] more: Drink Tea (for the love of God) By admin | category: tea drink | tags: christmas, embrace, embrace-the-hatred, hatred, [...]

  3. Rob Gardiner Says:

    I love this track. I’m never going to touch coffee again. Filthy stuff!

  4. Jon Says:

    Well, this is quite simply the best thing ever. Except for tea.

  5. Hayley Haines Says:

    This made me giggle. As now I live in coffee nation France. Plus I am glad to have found you guys again. I will look out for your next album. I bought the first two and still play them today. I even introduced Kula Shaker to my son. his twenty one next month so I am feeling quite old. Anyways delighted that your still around because make excellent music. thanks Hayley

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