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High Noon

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:35 am
by iloveyou
Hi all

This album is a drug!

India meet Indians, Balkan reaches Wild West. Get Right get Ready - KS adopt every style successfully!

High Noon initially seems like an low level story about a US Western duel. With the background of 'Here Come My Daemons' you know that 'the man' is meant as a split ego. So this time I have to think about a man who's got to get rid with an addiction of something. Especially with respect for his relationship to his wife.

Again - as so often - he follows his dependence 'I'm gonna meet that man, a' whistlin' his tune'. But he claims his will to totally clear his situation. And his wish of being held in good memory. So he is in danger to be lost...

just my 2 cents