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Re: other bands

Postby drykid » Sun Mar 20, 2016 7:12 pm

Hah I didn't expect such a comprehensive reply :)
Domino wrote:ELO

I got into ELO and Jeff Lynne about three years ago. Obviously I already knew about them, but as soon as I watched Shine a Little Love and Midnight Blue videos I decided to learn something more about them. My wife gave me a wonderful birthday present (The Classic Albums Collection [Box]) and I bought “Zoom” (Probably my fav ELO album) and the two JL solo albums “Armchair Theatre” and “Long Wave” later. He made an outstanding cover of Elvis Costello’s hit "She" 8-)
I love “Alone in the Universe” too, such a great album.
I listened to ELO Part II as well and I bought “Moment of Truth” which is an awesome album. I also managed to contact Phil Bates (“Naked”, his 1st solo album, is fantastic), he’s such a brilliant guitarist (Showdown guitar solo, Can't Buy Me Love), but he’s having some issues with the ELO “Logo” tour (I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about).

tbh I've never heard "Zoom" as when it came out it was a pretty low key release (I think there was meant to be a tour to go with it but it never happened. I should get it I guess...

Don't really know much about ELO II. tbh I've always been a bit of a snob and assumed that anything related to ELO without Jeff Lynne's involvement would be pointless. What's the issue with the tour? I know supposedly Jeff Lynne was a bit pissed off about them continuing the band without him.

I like what I've heard of Alone in the Universe, but I'm seeing ELO a couple of times live in London next month, so hopefully should get to hear more o it then :) It's kind of weird to only now be seeing live a band you've been listening to for 30 years, but that's the case nonetheless. I'm looking forward to it!


One day I was looking for some ELO’s covers on YT and I found this.
It amazed me immediately and since that moment Pugwash have been one of my fav bands (along with Kula Shaker obviously ;) ).
I contacted Thomas through his YT channel, and I bought “Almanac” and “Almond Tea” from him (If I remember correctly I grabbed also the Shed Demos Vol.1). He also sent me a signed poster 8-)
Then I purchased “The Olympus Sound” CD, “Here We Go ‘Round Again" EP (vinyl) and "PTI" (CD + translucent red vinyl). I only miss “Jollity” and “11 Modern Antiquities”, I hope they’ll reissue them someday :roll:
Never met them in person, but they seem to be really nice and down to earth guys 8-)
Some days ago I spent 1 hour chatting to Tosh on Facebook. We talked about guitars and ampli, he sent me some pics of his guitars and keyboards/organs. He’s a self-taught guitarist, I can’t believe it! :shock:
I have been listening to Pugwash for two years 24/7, that’s a record! :D
Before I forget, there’s a new forum (if you wanna join it you’ll find me there too ;) ), and I tried to cover (piano) some songs. Enjoy 8-)

Yeah Thomas does really good ELO covers, I've seen DLM do Mr. Blue Sky live a couple of times, and that's not an easy song to cover, especially when you're trying to be true to the original, as they were. I've met Thomas once after a gig and he came across as a nice guy, although I also know one or two people who've had less-than-great experiences dealing with him online. I think he's someone who doesn't take criticism too well. But then I guess most artists are like that to some degree or other.

I really like "The Olympus Sound" and also the compilation CD that came before it. I haven't listened to that much else on CD, but I've seen Pugwash live quite a few times (there's plenty of videos on my YT channel) so I guess I've heard quite a lot of the older stuff that way. Tosh is great though! I got talking to him oline cos I put up some videos of a DLM dublin gig that they were pleased with, and he was telling me all about their cover of Mr. Blue Sky and which parts he, Neil and Thomas sang. (I think Tosh sings the very high parts from what I remember...)

I took a quick look at that forum; I see it's something Thomas has set up himself...

Your piano covers of Pugwash sound very nice, although I don't think I actually know any of the originals, so it's hard to compare. (Going back to ELO, I did record a version of Telephone Line on piano with my gf singing, but I'm fairly sure she'd murder me if I ever put it online though heh.)


Tdlm” and “Sticky Wickets” (two amazing albums) introduced me to DC and NH.
Neil is a genious, some songs are simply perfect (he combines pop and classical music together), he knows very well what a “Chord progression” is ;) 8-)
Musically speaking, Regeneration changed my life.
C’mon...how can an average musician write a song like Lost Property?
It took me some weeks to find a brand new sealed copy (japanese edition) of that album, but worth the wait and the money 8-)

As you can see, I started with ELO and I finished with DC. That’s the power of music! :D 8-)

Yeah, in terms of musical sophistication there aren't many "pop" writers who can write like Neil can. Some of his best songs are just astonishing in terms of songwriting. I think some people dislike him for that tbh, they see him as being a bit too clever, although in my opinion being too clever is a lot better then being too stupid :) Actually Regeneration is probably one of his lesser albums to me though; it came out when he was going through an odd phase and trying to be very indie. I think that album was produced by Radiohead's producer, which maybe wasn't the best choice. I've seen TDC live dozens of times and he very rarely plays songs from that album. I put up a video of DLM doing "Bad Ambassador" live ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWMmlcF0Pzg ), and Tosh told me after that it was his suggestion for Neil to play it and that it took a lot of persuading as apparently Neil really doesn't like playing it. Oh well heh But yeah "Lost Property" is a brilliant song, as is "Eye of the Needle".

I've got lots of rare TDC stuff, if there's anything you're short of then let me know.

As I said earlier I 've been into ELO for years, and then I got into TDC in the 90s and then because of that I got into DLM when their first album came out. And that led me to get into Pugwash. So the order of things is a bit different to you. But it's strange though how all this stuff links together, ELO / DLM / Pugwash / TDC. And another person worth checking out is Duke Special who is another great Irish songwriter who has worked with Neil a lot. They did this great TV special ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-EcT4kT1Gg ) where they played their solo songs together. And one of those live "Anno's Africa" videos that KS put up has one of the guys from Duke Special's band playing brass along with them. So I guess everything is connected in some way or another :)
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Re: other bands

Postby 108 Battles » Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:21 am

Son of a legend here...this reminds me heavily of early Kula Shaker!

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Re: other bands

Postby annieoroberts » Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:49 am

There are many bands are available. But i am a k fan.
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Re: other bands

Postby KennethKGidley » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:04 am

Definitely Thomas does better than average ELO covers, I've seen DLM do Mr. Blue Sky carry on two or three times, and that is not a simple tune to cover, particularly when you're endeavoring to be consistent with the first, as they were. I've met Thomas once after a gig and he appeared to be a pleasant person, in spite of the fact that I likewise know maybe a couple people who've had not as much as incredible encounters managing him on the web. I believe he's somebody who doesn't take feedback too well. Yet, at that point I figure most craftsmen resemble that to some degree or other.
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Re: other bands

Postby srepo23 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:17 am

Thanks for sharing this news, nice that I'm here in the forum.

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