Tragically Optimistic Freedom Fighters

As some of you may know, ‘Tragically Optimistic Freedom Fighters’  (or TOFFs), was the instrumental b-side to ‘Out on the Highway’. Alonza assembled these powerful brass lines, and along with our new film clip, this became an exciting intro projection at the live shows. The first clip is from the wonderful film ‘If…’, and then features excerpts all jumbled together from ‘The Atomic Cafe’, ‘Wizard of Oz’, and ‘The road to Guantanamo’.

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  1. 303 Says:

    Just picked up the DVD of Lucky Man – this character Travis, who first appears in If, reappears as a travelling coffee salesman, finding his way through 1973 England. IT’s brilliant – and has some superb music too, played by Alan Price.

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